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Questions for Reflection and Discussion: 


John 4 The Woman at the Well

1) Have you ever been an outsider or left out?

a) When and How were you outside? Was it something you did? Were you new?

i) How did you feel about being outside?

ii) Did you do anything to get on the inside? What?

(1) Would you do things differently today?

2) Why do you think the Woman at the Well went out to draw water alone in the heat of the day?

a) What might she have done to be an outcast?

i) Might it have something to do with gossip or how the other women treated her?

3) Was it an accident that Jesus was waiting at the well when the woman came?

a) What does this tell us about Jesus?

 i) His Sovereignty? His Timing? His Compassion?

4) How are the Woman at the Well and Nicodemus similar? Different?

 a) Was one better than the other?

b) Was one harder to reach than the other? Which one? Why?

5) How are Jesus’ messages, “You Must be Born Again” and “Streams of Living Water will Flow out of you” similar? 

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