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Questions for Reflection and Discussion:


7/22/24 - John 9:1-7 Mistaken Assumptions

1)   What is something you learned about Jesus/God that surprised you?

a)   Why was it a surprise?

b)   How did it change how you saw Jesus/God?

c)    Was it hard to accept this new truth? Why?a

d)   What persuaded you to believe despite it being hard?

2)   What assumptions about God have changed over the years?

a)   What assumptions about people have changed?

b)   How does what you believe about the Gospel affect how you deal with people?

c)    How has dealing with people helped you understand God better?

3)   What has God done to make Himself known to you?

a)   What has God done to make Himself known THROUGH you?

b)   What part has suffering or trials helped you grow in Christ? 

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